Hi There ✌,

I'M Ezzatulla

A front-end developer who loves to build
creative, elegent user interfaces


This website is build using React with the create-react-app and the the React hooks, where I fetched movies from the TMDB API and desinged the components using tailwind and styled components.

React - Styled components - Tailwind

This website is a built with my intention to explore and learn liquid and Alpinejs, hence this project I started was from scratch I mainly focused on exploring the shopify admin panel and the template laungage liquid, I used Tailwindcss for the UI and Alpinejs for some utilities ( dropdown, tabs), then I tweaked the design of the website to my like.
since the store is in development it requires password to enter

Password: 1

Liquid - Tailwind - Alpinejs - Scss

This website uses firebase as its backend and stripe as its payment system, I used redux for the state management with firebase as backend it uses google auth for user authentication. I expored and learned quite alot about Expressjs and Redux in this project.

React - Redux - Expressjs - Styled components - Firebase

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